We love KiBi Baby Carriers for their versatility! The Kibi Carrier will grow with your baby, from 4 months to 3-4 years old. The Kibi Carrier is safe and supportive for babies, and comfortable for 4 year olds too!

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Ergonomic carrier Kibi Universal ergonomic carrier by a Czech manufacturer Kibi is intended for children from four months old and is not suitable for newborns. The backrest is made in a way that the baby's feet are always supported from knee to knee, just like the supported back. Height and width of the backrest are adjustable. The support under the legs is 31cm wide in the most narrow setting, and 51cm wide in the widest setting. The top part support is freely strung on shoulder straps, which makes it easier to pull it higher or lower as needed. If you carry the baby on your back, you can secure the backrest to your desired height with the help of sewn-on carabiners. Hip belt and shoulder straps have a soft padding and you can fasten them with buckles attached. The carrier is equipped with an added support for the head for a calm sleep.