Today, I would like to say one big Thanks to Life and Universe, for living what fulfills myself the best. I am so happy that my little son has brought me on this way. Really, next Big Thanks goes to him: Thank you Timi. Ever since my little one was born, I have been honoring the bond between the parent and child. Carrying your Baby on your body, whether in a babywrap or a babycarrier, is simply a lifestyle you have to love. Sensing the heartbeat of your Baby and him or her sensing yours, oh, what an amazing feeling. Enjoying the closeness of your most beloved being is relaxing, a mission and fun at the same time.
Third Thanks goes to my superb team (Lenka, Andy, Juraj), marvelous people I met and who share the same enthusiasm for beabywearing, and help me to spread it worldwide, even to you.
Last but not least, Thank you my friends, my fellows, Thank you for choosing the same path, for having your children as close to you as possible. Not only are you helping your family, but you also are building closer relationship between parents and children and helping the whole world in this manner.

I love you and admire you,

I know babywearing brings benefits to me as well as to a baby. Why?