I know babywearing brings benefits to me as well as to a baby. Why?

babywearing brings benefits

Some time ago, abroad, I have noticed babywearing mums and dads. Babywearing was not very popular in Slovakia then. When I have a baby, I said to myself, I would definitely carry her on me. Connection with a baby and a closeness you feel had to be amazing, I thought. My future decision was confirmed indeed, when I saw that mums have free hands to carry the shopping bags, sway the older child on a swing, run up the stairs easily or get everywhere barrier-free.

At that time, I had no clue that wearing the baby in a wrap (or a carrier) improves physiological and social development of the baby as well. Infant’s hip sockets are developed correctly and thanks to mum’s movements, her tidying up or bending to the washing machine, baby’s muscles strengthen accordingly. Apart from that baby sees the world from a totally new perspective, comparing to babies who lie in a cot, couch or a pram all day, from where they only get to see pram hood with a tiny visor or celling of the room they are in and only here and there their mum or some toy flashes in front of them. Sensibility of babies is even more supported by increased stimulation of senses, i.e. their brain can „record“ everything what mum does, listens to various sounds, sees different objects, colors, human faces, senses the traffic. And when she has enough, she simply takes a break from an outside world and hides her head at mum’s chest where she feels peacefully and safe J

When I first started with babywearing, I realized there are also other advantages, such as breastfeeding  in privacy. I used to walk through the market, picking up fresh fruits and vegetables, without anyone noticing that my son is actually sucking on sweet milk at the very moment.

Another advantage was a complete independence when getting on/off the bus, escalator, getting up/down the stairs. Slovakia as a country only commences the construction of barrier free accesses in everyday life, so I was more than happy to babywear.

When I wanted to lull my son to sleep, it took us less than 10 minutes and my son slept peacefully on me. Lengthy putting crying baby to sleep in a pram was not known to us. In general I can say that my baby didn’t cry at all. Of course, when he was pooped or peed or hungry, he cooed a bit, just to attract my attention. But from my own experience, I can confirm, that babies who are being worn are less tearful and much happier.

Women in Africa, India or other natural nations see babywearing as mater of course. There are differences only in a way, how the babies are carried, for example in a piece of leather or fabric on a hip, on a back or at the bottom. They don’t know the prams. It’s just a modern convenience and a way to make your life easier. According to me, it’s just a way how to deprive your child of precious moments with you. Babywearing really is amazing and I am so happy it’s becoming more and more popular.


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