How to prepare for babywearing in autumn and winter?

Summer is over and days have started to be a bit cooler. Warmer clothes are needed for babywearing outdoors. How to dress comfortably and protect your baby from cold and the wind? Babywearing hoodie, jacket or a coat is the way to go.


In autumn, the weather keeps changing frequently, it can be rainy, windy, and sunny in the same day. It is handy to have a babywearing hoodie or a jacket, which you can easily unzip or take off. You don’t need to handle the baby in a wrap or a carrier. When you are using babywearing hoodie or jacket, the baby doesn’t need any special warm clothes. Just add another layer to what you usually wear at home. You will need warmer clothes only for head, neck, hands, and feet. Functional merino wool outfit can be useful for both of you. It will help to regulate your body temperature.

In autumn you can choose warm fleece hoodie or softshell jacket for babywearing which will protect you from rain and the wind. Combination of both – fleece hoodie and softshell jacket can be used for really cold autumn days and even for winter.

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If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, babywearing cover is an excellent choice, it can also be used by fathers and other relatives. Babywearing cover adds an extra layer of warmth to your baby and protects him/her from the wind. Also, wraps with higher surface weight or wool blend can help to keep baby warm.


For cold winter days, you will appreciate the warmth of a winter babywearing coat. During winter it is important to keep baby warm and to be close enough to check if he/she isn’t feeling too hot.

It is not easy to wrap the baby or to put in a carrier with the winter clothes on. However, if you wear a winter babywearing coat, you will just need one more layer of clothes than what you usually wear at home.

Warm winter clothes are necessary just to cover the head, neck, hands, and the feet. As a second layer of clothing for the baby, you can use wool or fleece clothes. Another advantage of wearing a babywearing coat is that, you don’t need to adjust the baby in a wrap when you want to take off or put on the coat.

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Best babywearing coat?

You can choose lightweight quilted coat or more elegant wool coat or a combination of fleece hoodie and softshell jacket for a sporty outfit. Many babywearing coats can be used not only for front carrying but also for back-carrying, without babywearing insert as a normal coat. Some of them also come with pregnancy insert.

In our e-shop, you can find different types of babywearing clothes made from high-quality materials, manufactured in Europe like fleece hoodies, softshell jackets, warm winter coats. Sporty to elegant, in different designs and brands, the choice is yours. Just find your style and enjoy babywearing even in cold weather.

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