Ergonomic carrier Ergobaby
Fabric carrier Ergobaby is made of pure cotton and that’s why it’s very pleasant and gentle to the delicate baby skin. This ergonomic carrier is suitable from the birth, Ergobaby Original and Organic models require a newborn insert, Ergobaby Adapt can be used without it thanks to the adjustable backrest size.

Ergobaby Adapt
It’s an adaptive ergonomic carrier, which grows with the baby. Thanks to three adjustable positions, Ergobaby Adapt perfectly adapts to the growing baby from a newborn to a 20kg toddler. The width between the legs is adjusted using a Velcro. The carrier can be easily used without the need of newborn insert. The ergonomic construction of the carrier ensures the right head support, just like the integrated hood, which effectively supports the baby’s head during the sleep, and it protects her from the sun and the wind. Shoulder straps and wide hip belt have a rich and soft padding. The weight of the baby is evenly distributed between both shoulders and hips of the parent. The carrier can be used for carrying the baby on the front, and also on the back.

Ergobaby Organic and Ergobaby Original
Ergonomic carrier Ergobaby Organic brings several benefits together. Besides of being 100% ergonomic, it is also 100% ecological because the materials used to produce it have been made in a nature-friendly way. Ergobaby Organic and Ergobaby Original are buckled carriers with a firm hip belt that does not bend under the baby. The baby’s weight is evenly distributed, so the carrier is also suitable if you want to carry for long. Another part of the carrier is a hood – its primary function is to protect the baby from wind and sun, but it’s also good to support the sleeping baby’s head. Every carrier has a small pocket, where the parent can put some small things. With the Ergobaby carrier, you can carry the baby on the front, on the back and also on the hip. With this carrier, it’s only possible to carry a newborn with a newborn insert – without it, both of those carriers are meant for children from 5kgs.

Ergonomic carrier Fidella Fusion
Fidella Fusion is an adjustable buckled carrier sewn out of slings. Its biggest advantage is the adjustable backrest i.e. height, and also the width between the legs, which makes the carrier suitable also for the newborns. As a sling, it can perfectly adapt to the baby’s growing body. You can adjust the size of the backrest with the help of pulling straps – working with them is very easy. All you need to do is to pull them to the required width/height and then tie a knot. The carrier is made out of 100 percent cotton, which feels very nice to the touch. Fidella fusion has a soft padding of the hip belt and shoulder straps. The hood’s main function is to protect the baby from the sun and wind, and it supports the baby’s head if it falls asleep. Shoulder straps can be adjusted according the baby’s needs – for small children, who don’t hold their head yet, they close closer to the hip belt. For older children, switching closer to the shoulder straps is recommended. The carrier is made in two versions: baby and toddler.

Ergonomic carrier Fidella Fly Tai
Fidella Fly Tai is a buckle free carrier, which means, that the hip belt and shoulder straps are meant to be tied. All other parameters are the same as for Fusion carriers – the backrest is adjustable in its height and width. The advantage of this type of carrier compared to buckle carriers is, that the parents don’t always have to adjust the size of straps to their figure. If they alternate in carrying, they can tie the straps just as they like it.

Ergonomic carrier Kibi
Universal ergonomic carrier by a Czech manufacturer Kibi is intended for children from four months old and is not suitable for newborns. The backrest is made in a way that the baby’s feet are always supported from knee to knee, just like the supported back. Height and width of the backrest are adjustable. The support under the legs is 31cm wide in the most narrow setting, and 51cm wide in the widest setting. The top part support is freely strung on shoulder straps, which makes it easier to pull it higher or lower as needed. If you carry the baby on your back, you can secure the backrest to your desired height with the help of sewn-on carabiners. Hip belt and shoulder straps have a soft padding and you can fasten them with buckles attached. The carrier is equipped with an added support for the head for a calm sleep.

Ergonomic carrier Manduca
It is a fabric cloth carrier made of 100 percent cotton and produced in Czech Republic.
Ergonomic carrier Manduca meets all the criterias of ergonomic carrying with an emphasis on maintaining the right “M” position of the baby and thanks to that, the right position of limbs and the holding of the spine are ensured. It is suitable for both, small and larger babies. This carrier is equipped with an integrated newborn insert so that it is possible to wear the baby from birth. Length of the backrest is adjustable, so it’s possible to adjust it for the growing child. Shoulder straps are adjustable as well – you can cross them at the back. The hip belt is also adjustable, it is anatomic and just like the straps, richly padded to ensure comfort during carrying and to prevent bumps. For safety reasons, safety locks are also available to prevent accidental releasing. Hood, which is a part of the carrier, effectively protects the baby from the sun and wind and once packed in the front pocket it also support the baby’s head, incase the baby falls asleep. The carrier allows you to carry the baby in three positions: on the back, on the belly, and on the hip.

Ergonomic carrier Storchenwiege
Similar to the Fidella carrier, Storchenwiege is also suitable for children since their birth. It’s made out of Storchenwiege sling from pure cotton with diagonal spring. The width and height of backrest are adjustable by pulling straps, making it easy and quick to adjust the optimal length between the baby’s legs and the height of backrest. A different model of this carrier adjusts the width with using a pull-on strap with a buckle. Storchenwiege is a combined carrier – that means, that the belt switches on by the buckle and the shoulder straps tie on the back to a cross, similar to a sling. That makes the baby’s weight spread optimally. So there is one less thing to worry about when it comes to adjusting the buckles. Hip belt and shoulder straps have soft padding. The Storchenwiege carrier also has a hood, that you can roll and zip, it also makes a good support for the head even for the smallest baby.

Ergonomic carrier Tula
The carrier is made of 100% cotton and quality fabrics. The shoulder straps and the hip belt are padded and adjustable for higher comfort. Space, where the carrier encircles knees is also filled for higher comfort – thanks to that, no bumps occur even after long wear. Tula carrier allows you to carry the baby in front, and also on the back. It has a removable hood, which can serve as the head support for a sleeping baby. Another practical thing for carrying, is a small pocket that can be used to put small things, placed on the hip belt. Ergonomic carrier Tula is suitable for children from 7kgs but you can also carry a newborn, with the Tula newborn insert.

Ergonomic carrier Tula Free to Grow
This carrier is the newest version from the manufacturer Tula. Free To Grow is a growing carrier, in which it’s possible to carry the baby since its birth without using the newborn insert. The height and width of the backrest can be adjusted to the exact size of the baby’s body. The carrier is made with handmade, lightweight and airy twill fabric. The carrier is adjustable in three width positions and in two height positions – which allows the baby to be comfortable and safe in every phase of its growth. Removable hood effectively supports the baby’s head when sleeping and protects from the sun and the wind. Another handy thing is a pocket on the hip belt, which can be used for putting small things.