Baby Carrier vs Baby Wrap?

baby carrier vs baby wrap

Dilemma, you need to solve it in the very beginning.  You decide to give babywearing a chance and here comes a logical question, whether to buy a wrap or a carrier. Unfortunately, you need to answer the question yourself, but we can give you a good overview of advantages and disadvantages, to make the decision process easier for you.

Baby wrap, its advantages and disadvantages

Baby wrap has been a universal aid for women all over the world for many years now. It’s definitely not a modern invention; it’s quite easy to find pictures of baby wearing mums from many cultures. It has its roots also in our culture and is part of our folklore tradition.

The best way to carry a newborn is to use a wrap, especially if it’s a tiny or premature baby. With a good wrapping technique, it can beautifully adapt to your baby body and secure a safe wearing. Also, we don’t need to question, whether the wrap is still big enough. We can wrap many different wraps and so we can use it in many variations depending on the changing needs of your growing baby. The wrap is especially favorable with back carry because with the right wrapping technique, we can put Baby high enough, so Baby can comfortably look over our shoulder. This could be quite complicated for majority of carriers.

The wrap is more stylish if that matters to you 😉 and adjustable to meet everyone’s individual preferences.

Among its disadvantages is the length, as the straps could get under your feet and thus make the whole wrapping process more complicated. At the same time, it’s more complicated to wrap it in the terrain or on a parking lot. To get a right carry, you need to practice a bit and it takes some time, especially precise tightening. Not everyone has patience for this.

There are many different wraps on the market, new and used, with blends and without them. Learn more in our article The Ultimate Guide to Baby Wraps.

Carrier, its advantages and disadvantages

A carrier usually appeals to practical parents who don’t want to bother with wraps. They want something fast and easy. Carrier meets these criteria, its buckle fastening or straps tying really is not time consuming. After you adjust it for the first time so it fits the baby as well as you, to put it on takes you a few seconds. This is useful, especially when your little one is not the most patient baby and to wrap her into a wrap could be lengthy. Naturally, you need to choose a right carrier, not too small and not too big.

Among the disadvantages of a carrier is the fact that each type doesn’t fit everyone.  What one praises, the other could mind. Therefore it’s absolutely ideal to try it before a purchase. As another disadvantage, the carrier is not suitable for a newborn, it’s recommended from 3 months of age.  Sometimes we don’t even expect it and baby outgrows it.  How to recognize it? Easily. It happens when the fabric does not stretch from knee to knee. Then it’s necessary to replace the carrier with a bigger model. Some brands, such as Fidella, therefore manufacture so called growing carrier, which could be adjusted in width of seat and height of back support.

You can read more about division of carriers and correct selection in our article How to select the right baby carrier easily?

It’s said, hundreds people, hundreds tastes. There are many parents who would swear on a wrap or those, who use a carrier and are absolutely happy with it. Ideally, find an opportunity to try wrapping a wrap or fastening the carrier yourself. Try to find out if there are any baby wearing supporting groups in your neighborhood or contact a baby wearing consultant. Or study some education videos, where you can find how to wrap a baby wrap and also instructions on how to use a carrier. These might help in your decision making process.

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