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I know babywearing brings benefits to me as well as to a baby. Why?

babywearing brings benefits

Some time ago, abroad, I have noticed babywearing mums and dads. Babywearing was not very popular in Slovakia then. When I have a baby, I said to myself, I would definitely carry her on me. Connection with a baby and a closeness you feel had to be amazing, I thought. My future decision was confirmed indeed, when I saw that mums have free hands […]

Babywearing for Beginners

Beautiful young mother at home with her baby son in sling, stroking him gently

You can start with babywearing immediately after the baby is born. People around you might try to discourage you by claiming the baby should lie on her back, because her back muscles are not strong enough, but you don’t need to worry. Experts confirm that fetal position is only natural for a newborn baby. Round back […]